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Spring Homes For Sale


Spring is located 20 miles north of downtown Houston. Europeans established trading posts in the Spring area by the middle of the 18th century to conduct business with the Orcoquisac Indians. Many German settlers came to the area during the early 19th century. More people moved to the area after Texas became a state in 1845. The railroad was built through the Spring area after the Civil War. The town was named Camp Spring by railroad workers who came to the area in the spring after a harsh winter. The town's name was later changed to Spring. There were two rail lines, 14 track yards and a roundhouse in Spring by 1900. Houses were built to accommodate the railroad workers, and new businesses were established in the town. Spring began to decline when the roundhouse was moved to Houston in 1923. People moved away and some businesses closed. A new highway bypassed Spring. The town declined further during the 1940s and 1950s. Houses and schools were built in Spring during the 1960s. There was no growth in the town's business district. Spring came back to life during the 1970s when people began coming to Spring to have burgers at the Wunsche Bros. Cafe. Entrepreneurs saw people waiting in line for burgers and they believed these people would be likely to shop in the area. Shops were opened, and Spring was revitalized. Owners of real estate in Spring can learn more about the history of their town at and

Parks and Recreation

Meyer Park has nature trails, a fishing lake and a duck pond. People who like sports can play softball, basketball and soccer here. This park has playgrounds and picnic tables. Collins Park also has playgrounds, picnic tables, baseball fields and a canoe launch. Some fishing along Cypress Creek is allowed here. Pundt Park has two lakes and an equestrian trail that connects this park with a nature preserve. More information about these parks is available at Splashtownwater park in Spring is open during the summer. Visitors can enjoy pools, water slides and a lazy river here. The park's website is

Attractions and Activities

Old Town Spring is a good choice for people who want to live near shops and restaurants. Shops here sell gifts, collectibles, toys, antiques, furniture and home décor items. Some of the shops and restaurants in Old Town Spring are in buildings from the early 1900s. The Wunsche Bros. Café opened in 1902. Customers can order burgers, chicken and catfish here. Hungry Old Town Spring visitors can also order barbecue at The Loose Caboose or sandwiches at Ellen's Cafe. Spring's Civil War Museum is also located here. Learn more about Old Town Spring at


The Texas Crawfish Festival takes place in April. The Annual SpringFest Wine and Art Festival is held in May. The streets of Old Town Spring are lined with vintage cars during the Longhorn Rod Run in September. More information about annual events in Spring can be found at